Creating an experience through tailored, commercial CASEWORK, CUSTOM ARCHITECTURAL MILLwork & fixture designs.


Located in Lake Mills, IA just south of the IA/MN border, DRAS Cases has provided high quality craftsmanship, custom architectural millwork, exceptional design and service since 1994. The DRAS team recognizes that our customers have many vendors to choose from for their custom architectural millwork needs and believe that our personal service, flexibility and commitment to quality distinguishes us from the competition.


The DRAS Story

Founded in 1994 by Dean Rasmusson, the history of DRAS Cases is two decades deep and carries with it a name of integrity, perseverance and innovation.

New owner and CEO Tim Krebsbach is committed to leading DRAS with the same focus on values, along with new growth and expansion. Since his teenage years Tim has worked in his own family's manufacturing business, most recently as president, and is proud to have inherited his father's entrepreneurial spirit. A spirit that is right at home at DRAS.

Not only is our product great, so are our people.  And if you ask any one of the DRAS team members, they'll tell you just why DRAS is a top provider for commercial-grade retail fixtures, commercial casework and custom architectural millwork designs in a multitude of industries across the nation. 

An Exceptional Design
The Finest Quality
Service & Versatility

More than just a manufacturer.

DRAS Cases is more than just a manufacturer – we're here to bring your customers' experience to life through the custom architectural millwork and design support you need for a functional, lasting, beautiful space.

Whether creating a new facility, or undergoing a complete remodel, together, our experienced staff and skilled craftsmen can provide the services needed to be your complete architectural millwork supplier, seamlessly melding our custom work into your surroundings. We offer everything from CAD-based design capabilities and layout services to delivery and installation nationwide. Our quick turnarounds, flexible designs and attention to detail have allowed us to serve many industries including retail, food service, healthcare, hospitality and corporate environments.

To get a feel for our versatile craftsmanship, visit our galleries.


Retail Spaces

Your brand isn't just the tag on your product or your name on the door.  It's the spaces where those products are displayed that truly engage the customer and create traffic through your store.  We understand the importance of that space and the high standards of the retail world. The need for durability and function to create a successful, alluring space may not be the easiest task to complete, but we've been up to the challenge for over 20 years and continue to provide custom architectural millwork solutions that compliment both global and local brands.


Bars & Restaurants

Delicious menus and signature drinks are the lifeblood of the food service industry. But, it's the unique and inviting atmosphere that bring customers (and their friends) back again and again.  And while the DRAS team may not include a world-class chef to create that food and drink menu, we can design (and fabricate, and deliver, and install) the custom architectural millwork recipe for a flavorful environment, creating that unique ambiance and memorable atmosphere that is both comfortable and entertaining.


Healthcare Facilities

Creating a positive, regenerative space is the goal of any healthcare facility. From safety and accessibility, to cleanliness and the right setting, it's in these attributes that patients can find comfort and the staff can provide the highest standard of care. DRAS is committed to supporting designers and architects of both new facilities and remodels, finding the right balance of aesthetic and function to create a healthy, happy environment through 
custom architectural millwork.



Hospitality is all about connecting people, and whether staying for business or pleasure, your customers expect quality they can rely on. Although we'll lean on you for the fresh linens and breakfast in bed, you can lean on the DRAS team for the quality of our innovative, custom architectural
millwork solutions. DRAS works with designers, architects, contractors and owners to bring creative and inventive hotel spaces to life. It is through this collaboration that we can assure your project is completed on time and on budget.